Epithelial Cancer Project

Epithelial cancers affecting ovarian and breast tissues represent the first cause of death among all gynecological cancers. Although most patients achieve complete clinical response following standard treatments, a very high percentage of them eventually relapse. Therefore, it is mandatory to develop new therapeutic strategies.

Corion Biotech approach for epithelial gynecological cancers is based on hPDMSCs purified from the human preeclamptic placenta obtained immediately after delivery, expanded and cultured in vitro in order to naturally obtain our therapeutic biological CB-ChMF-12.

CB-ChMF-12 demonstrated strong in-vitro anti-angiogenic action and inhibited the expression of pivotal oncogenes in the tumoral tissue, thus limiting cancer growth and metastatization. Therapeutic assumption: after the treatment with CB-ChMF-12, the constrained tumor can be easily and safely treated with traditional surgery.

CB-ChMF-12 is a cocktail of molecules naturally produced by human preeclamptic PDMSCs. We believe our approach offers a unique opportunity to treat epithelial cancers with a lower level of toxicity compared with current chemio-therapics.

CB-ChMF-12 therapeutic approach for Epithelial Tumors treatment is granted in Italy and pending in Europe, USA, Canada, China, Japan.

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