Turin, July 31st 2020 – Corion Biotech S.r.l. is thrilled to announce the closing of a significant investment round, with a Capital increase of € 1.000.000.

The investment, led by Stefano Buono’s investment operating company LIFTT and the private financial holding Finde by Denegri family, represents a fundamental achievement for the company, allowing Corion Biotech to develop the first innovative and specific therapy for preeclampsia.

The investment will support the preclinal trial necessary to obtain the authorization for the first-in-human trial.

Preeclampsia is a severe pregnancy-related syndrome for which no cure is available, and it represents one of the main causes of foetal-maternal mortality and morbidity worldwide. We estimate that the possible market would be extremely wide since preeclampsia management requires to the Global health service around € 7-8 billions without offering any resolutive therapies to the patients.

Corion Biotech is committed to developing an innovative and cell-free therapeutical approach for preeclampsia thanks to the expertise of a team of researchers led by Tullia Todros and Alessandro Rolfo who share two decades of translational research experience in the fields of human pregnancy pathophysiology and women’s health.

Our “cell therapy without cells” is based on Placental Derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells-derived biological cocktail which is able to counteract the main preeclampsia pathological features avoiding the risks of direct administration of living allogenic cells. We strongly believe that our approach is the most ethical, safe and effective solution for the syndrome.