Cell therapy without cells


Unique, sustainable & unlimited
source of therapeutic cells


therapeutic cells

Trophic mediators production
to exert the therapeutic abilities


Cells cultured in-vitro
to produce Corion biologics

No cells No DNA
in the final product, only therapeutic molecules

Highly scalable process
1 placenta = 1000 doses


Multiple therapeutic biologics
for women’s health

First in class
for Preeclampsia treatment

Internationally Patented
therapeutic approaches


CB-ChMF-11 is the product that we are developing for the treatment of Preeclampsia representing an important improvement for the health of millions of mothers and children, and a substantial saving for health systems in developed Countries.

Preeclampsia affects 3-8% of all pregnancies worldwide, thus being the main cause of fetal-maternal mortality and morbidity worldwide. Preeclampsia is associated with Fetal Growth Restriction. Importantly, even though Preeclampsia resolves at delivery with placenta removal, it may cause severe long-term complications for both the mother and the newborn as cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, diabetes, neonatal neurological impairment, cerebral palsy and an increased risk of intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorders. It is evident that Preeclampsia has a massive social-economic burden, costing to the global health care system more than 3 billion USD/year with lifetime medical intervention.

There are no effective therapeutic interventions for Preeclampsia except for a timed and often premature delivery, that represents itself an important risk factor for the newborn’s health.
Our technology is based on hPDMSCs isolated from healthy human term placenta immediately after delivery, purified, expanded and cultured in-vitro in order to naturally obtain CB-ChMF-11 that is currently in nonclinical development stage.

A Proof of Concept study to verify the efficacy of CB-ChMF-11 on a recognized Preeclampsia animal model has been successfully completed. It demonstrated that the product reverts maternal hypertension and proteinuria, significantly improves fetal outcomes, and inhibits the expression of placental biomarkers associated with the syndrome.

CB-ChMF-11 therapeutic approach for Preeclampsia is patented in EU, USA, and Canada.

Epithelial Cancer

CB-ChMF-12 is the product that we are studying for the treatment of epithelial cancers affecting ovarian and breast tissues, that represent the first cause of death among all gynecological cancers. Although most patients achieve complete clinical response following standard treatments, a very high percentage of them eventually relapse. Therefore, it is mandatory to develop new therapeutic strategies.

Corion Biotech approach for epithelial gynecological cancers is based on hPDMSCs isolated from the human preeclamptic placenta immediately after delivery, purified, expanded and cultured in-vitro in order to naturally obtain CB-ChMF-12 that is currently in discovery development stage.

CB-ChMF-12 demonstrated strong in-vitro anti-angiogenic action and inhibited the expression of pivotal oncogenes in the tumoral tissue, thus limiting cancer growth and metastatization. The therapeutic assumption is that the treatment with CB-ChMF-12 constrains the tumor, allowing its easy and safe removal with traditional surgery.

We believe our approach offers a unique opportunity to treat epithelial cancers with a lower level of toxicity compared with current chemotherapeutic agents.

CB-ChMF-12 therapeutic approach for the treatment of epithelial tumors is granted in EU, USA, Canada, China, and Japan.